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While steeped in history and maintaining rich traditions King Ranch® is a Profit Proven, progressive, vertically integrated ranching operation where our 20,000+ head commercial cow-calf enterprise remains the emphasis of our ranching operations.

Today, King Ranch continues to breed our Santa Gertrudis cattle with the original focus for which we created the breed in the early 1900s: making the most profitable range cow is our objective. Our purebred Unit serves to produce the Seedstock for our commercial cow-calf operation and to be the catalyst and focal point of genetic improvements where cows are expected to perform in one of the nation’s toughest environments on pasture up to 30,000 acres; we are our own biggest customer. Our cattle compete against an ever improving national supply and thus cannot compromise in fertility, efficiency, or carcass quality.

To most effectively make selection decisions, in the early 2000’s, King Ranch developed its own within-herd EPD system which we maintain today and collaborated with Santa Gertrudis Breeders International to be the very first breed to utilize the single-step genomically enhanced EPD model. King Ranch balances rigid phenotypic selection parameters and cutting edge within-herd EPDs including a suite of carcass, growth, and fertility EPDs as well as King Ranch Proven™ indices: King Ranch Proven™ Fertile, King Ranch Proven™ Carcass, King Ranch Proven™ Growth & our total index King Ranch Proven™ Profit. Having our own within-herd EPD database allows us to make data management decisions so that we have the best information available to make the best cow possible.


2021 Sales

Proud to be an American Sale
Saturday, September 11, 2021 | 11 a.m. at X-Bar Co. in Burbank, OK | Hosted online by DV Auction

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Reference Sires

Typically it is more economically feasible to manage cost rather than add value in the cow/calf business. One of the exceptions to this rule is being able to capitalize on top tier genetics, especially through a well-managed AI program. Today, King Ranch AIs many of our purebred heifers & mature cows to take advantage of the best genetics in the world.

Years ago, King Ranch recognized the need to not only breed cattle that could perform in the harsh South Texas environment but that could also compete on the national level in terms of carcass traits and thus, began incorporating high Marbling, Ribeye Area, Hot Carcass Weight & Yield Grade selection criteria as part of their balanced selection approach. Today, King Ranch Santa Gertrudis and Santa Gertrudis crossed cattle perform on the rail par with any other cattle in the high plains. The foundational carcass genetics of King Ranch’s Santa Gertrudis are of superior quality and often have the best carcass performance of any cattle in some of the largest Texas Panhandle feedyards. Below are the current Santa Gertrudis AI sires being utilized in King Ranch program.

A Legacy of PROVEN Performance!

KRI 2018 calves brought 10-20% & 30-40% more than the national & regional averages, respectively.
KRI 2018 calf breakevens were 60-70% & 50-60% of the national & regional averages, respectively.
Source: CattleFax 2018 Cow-Calf Survey Cost & Revenue

KR Chosen 1

Registration Number: 20183702

Owner’s Contact Information:
Schuster Farms, Quail Valley Farm, Harris Riverbend Farm.
Congratulations to Schuster Farms, Quail Valley Farm, and Harris Riverbend Farm on their purchase!


Registration Number: 20183403

Owner’s Contact Information:
King Ranch INC.

KR 191/13

Registration Number: 20131196

Owner’s Contact Information:
Hefte Ranch
Kathryn Hefte: 210-414-2493
Kade Thigpen: 830-426-1366

KR 921/15 El Rey

Registration Number: 20154201

Owner’s Contact Information:
Silva Ranch
Robert Ranch

531/15 Catalyst

Registration Number: 20153484

Owner’s Contact Information:
Strait Ranches

Purebred Santa Gertrudis and Certified American Red Sale Bulls

250 Santa Gertrudis & American Red bulls will complete gain test and will be available for sale April 1st, 2020.

King Ranch’s Santa Cruz cow was originally 50% Santa Gertrudis, 25% Red Angus, & 25% Gelbvieh. In the 2000’s King Ranch began to focus only on the Santa Gertrudis X Red Angus cross which became known as the Super Cruz and now the American Red which is comprised of 25% – 75% Santa Gertrudis & 25% to 75% Red Angus. The American Red aims to combine the best of both the Santa Gertrudis & Red Angus breeds and serves as the primary composition of King Ranch commercial cow herd which out competes most all other cattle at the ranch, in the yard, and on the rail.

Commercial Cattle

Heifers, Stockers, Feeders. Cattle made to order!

King Ranch commonly has commercial cows, heifers, and feeders for sale Private Treaty.  The commercial heifers & cows are always in high demand, as the picture above of a first-calf heifer shows why. King Ranch typically offers ‘Females to Order’, which may include:

  •  Weaned open yearling heifers ready to breed
  •  Bred yearling heifers
  •  Bred cows

For more information on Cattle Sales Contact:
Heath Grigg
P.O. Box 1090
Kingsville, TX 78364-1090
Office: 361-221-0312