King Ranch

King Ranch Museum

From OLD SORREL to the Present:
The History of the King Ranch Quarter Horses.

Though King Ranch quarter horses are vital to King Ranch’s day-to-day operations and are seen by thousands of visitors that tour the ranch each year, they also hold an important place in King Ranch history.

Visit the King Ranch Museum to experience how King Ranch Quarter Horses are an integral part of King Ranch’s heritage, the Cutting Horse industry and the American Quarter Horse Association alike in the special exhibit, From OLD SORREL to the Present: The History of the King Ranch Quarter Horses.

Along with detailed history of King Ranch quarter horses, this exhibit also showcases awards King Ranch quarter horses won from AQHA and NCHA and international competitions.

For more information about the exhibit, please call the King Ranch Museum: (361) 595-1881.


To understand the mythic past of King Ranch, a trip to the King Ranch Museum is a must.

The museum is the definitive repository of ranch lore and the items on display clearly evoke the bygone days on Captain King’s legendary spread.

The King Ranch Museum’s permanent collections include: Toni Frissell’s award-winning photographic essay of life on King Ranch in the early 1940’s; saddles from around the world, guns, and rifles including a King Ranch commemorative Colt Python .357 magnum revolver (serial number KR1), a limited edition series of full-scale replicas of historic Republic of Texas flags, and antique carriages and vintage cars, including El Kineño, a custom designed Buick Eight hunting car built for Congressman R. M. Kleberg, Sr., in 1949 by General Motors. Upon arriving at the King Ranch Museum, you are welcomed with a bronze sculpture of Mrs. Henrietta King and her son-in-law Robert J. Kleberg, Sr., as well as a sculpture of the  first artesian well that was drilled on King Ranch in the summer of 1899. Visitors can view videos about the history of King Ranch and its main residence.


King Ranch Museum
405 North 6th Street
Kingsville. Texas 78363
(361) 595-1881

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Saturday: Open 10 a.m., Close 4 p.m.

Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Ticket Prices:
$10 + tax for Adults.
$8 + tax for Seniors (ages 65+) Military, and Students.
$4 + tax for Children 5-12 years old.
Free for children 4 and under.