King Ranch


King Ranch’s Running W brand stands for uncompromising quality, ruggedness, innovation, self-reliance, and authenticity.

King Ranch Ford F-Series Trucks


King Ranch has a licensing agreement with the Ford Motor Company on its Ford F-Series trucks. Ford and King Ranch teamed up in 2000 to produce an upscale ranch truck and have extended the King Ranch model into the Expedition line. Ford Motor Company and King Ranch are built on the same heritage, ruggedness, and authenticity. It’s why King Ranch trusts Ford as a strong partner and why King Ranch depends on a fleet of 260 Ford trucks to get the job done every day at King Ranch.

King Ranch Brisket


In addition to King Ranch’s partnership with Ford, the Company also has a licensing agreement with Sadler’s Smokehouse. In 2015, the Company began working with Sadler’s Smokehouse, the largest meat smoker in the U.S., to develop a high-end precooked premium brisket that is now sold through H-E-B grocery stores. Look for this delicious brisket at your local H-E-B.