King Ranch

King Ranch Saddle Shop

Captain Richard King demanded saddles of great structural integrity, constructed of the very highest quality leather available that could withstand the harsh conditions of the South Texas Rangelands.

Unable to find saddles and tack that met his rigorous specifications, Richard King addressed this problem the way he approached many others – he decided to solve it himself. Captain King assembled a group of first-rate craftsmen at the ranch who made saddles of such fine quality that news of their superiority spread quickly. Within a few years of the end of the Civil War, the King Ranch Saddle Shop was providing saddles and tack not only for King Ranch, but for many others throughout Texas.

Today, the King Ranch Saddle Shop is located in the historic John B. Ragland Mercantile Building that’s located in the heart of Kingsville and a few minutes away from the King Ranch Museum and King Ranch Visitor Center. Built in 1909 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building housed the most preeminent department store south of San Antonio for many years.


During your visit to the King Ranch Saddle Shop, you can find exquisite leather goods and quality outdoor gear for your next adventure. Additionally, you can watch a saddle being hand-made by our master saddle maker who continues to follow the spirit and tradition of the craftsmanship and timeless techniques that King Ranch has been long known for.

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