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Every horse on King Ranch is a descendant of OLD SORREL, the foundation sire of King Ranch, and one of the foundation sires of the American Quarter Horse breed. Every horse on the ranch descends from PEPPY SAN BADGER or MR. SAN PEPPY on the top or bottom side. These are King Ranch PROVEN® bloodlines that continue to meet our standards, generation after generation.


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The above pedigree shows how today’s stallions connect to our foundation stallion, OLD SORREL.

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If you are interested in breeding to a King Ranch stallion, all three studs (THE BOON, KINEÑOS MOON, and MARSALA RED) are available for limited outside breeding at The Four Sixes.





CORONEL DEL RANCHO is the first King Ranch bred and owned American Quarter Horse Association World Champion. “Coronel” won the 2021 AQHA All-Around Versatility Ranch Horse World Champion. “Coronel” was also the SHOT AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Belton Texas Open Conformation Champion and Open Ranch Riding Reserve Champion in 2021. Coronel is a tenth-generation descendant of King Ranch Foundation sire, OLD SORREL. Coronel combines the bloodlines of some of the most famous King Ranch horses of all time, including MR SAN PEPPY, PEPPY SAN BADGER, DRY DOC, and REY DEL RANCHO. Coronel also adds to our horse program the championship bloodlines of SHINING SPARK for the first time in King Ranch history. Coronel was picked up from his mares in 2021, and 63 days later he won a world championship. He is strong, quiet, athletic, and very trainable. Coronel is sired by NRHA Futurity and Derby Champion, NOT RUF AT ALL ($456,437), a full brother to 2021 NRHA Top 15 Leading Sire of Reining Money-Earners ALL AMERICAN VINTAGE ($171,263). Coronel’s dam is SAN GRIS GIRL, a daughter of LES GLOS COLONEL, the sire of –BARBS KING COLONEL ($176,656: 3rd, NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic) LES GLOS COLONEL is the dam’s sire of THE JOKE IS ON U NOW (APHA Stakes Race Senior Youth World Champion), FRENCHMANSACEOFSPADE (27 AQHA points: AQHA World Junior Barrel Racing qualifier), LES SONITALENA (52 AQHA points: AQHA World Junior Heeling qualifier), LES GLO A LITTLE SUE (53.5 AQHA points: San Antonio Stock Show Open Heeling Reserve Champion), YUR SO PRETTY (Southern Cutting Amateur Futurity Champion). His first foals were born in 2022. (4 Panel N/N; GBED N/G).

For more information, or to breed to THE BOON, please visit his page at 6666s Ranch.







THE BOON (LTE $76,156) (Peptoboonsmal-Boon San Kitty, by High Brow Cat) is an eight-generation descendent of OLD SORREL. His earnings are from the NCHA Open Classic/Challenge Co-Reserve Champion; PCCHA Fall Open Classic/Challenge Reserve Champion; finalist in the NCHA Open Super Stakes Classic; Chisholm Trail CHA Fall Open Classic Reserve Champion; finalist Tunica Cutting Open Classic. THE BOON is a half-brother to ROCKIN W ($329,722: NCHA Open Futurity Champion), RW ROCKIN ($202,578: Breeders Inv. Open Derby Reserve Champion), BOON SAN SPOON ($171,207: NCHA Open Classic/Challenge Champion). Out of BOON SAN KITTY ($565,504: NCHA Horse of the Year [shared], NCHA Hall of Fame A son of PEPTOBOONSMAL, $180,487. A 2017 AQHA #2 Leading Sire of RCH Point-Earners; 2018 AQHA Top 5 Leading Sire of Cowboy Events Point-Earners; 2017 AQHA Top 5 Leading Sire of Cutting Point-Earners; An RGP Top 10 All-Time Sire of Ranch Riding money-earners. Sire of 895 RGP money-earners, $27,001,385, earners of 7,702 AQHA points, including LITTLE PEPTO GAL ($523,742: NCHA Horse of the Year, NCHA Hall of Fame). First King Ranch bred foals by THE BOON were born in 2017. (Five Panel N/N, Herda N/N).

For more information, or to breed to THE BOON, please visit his page at 6666s Ranch.



THE BOON 2014 Summer Spectacular


THE BOON 2014 Cotton Stakes Final

For more videos of THE BOON in competition, please click here.






KINEÑOS MOON is an eighth-generation descendant of OLD SORREL. The title, “KINEÑO,” is the title of honor given to our multi-generational cowboys and employees at King Ranch. RITAS SWEET BADGER was utilized to make a more trainable all around foal out of some of the hotter bred cutting mares. KINEÑO MOONS mother, LIL BADGERS MOON, produced well-built, fast, ranch horses for King Ranch for 15 years. KINEÑOS MOON traces back to the famous King Ranch running horses including DEPTH CHARGE and BOLD VENTURE (winner of the Kentucky Derby, and sire of TRIPLE CROWN winning, ASSAULT) – this is part of why KINEÑO breeds explosive speed. KINEÑOS MOON was born, bred, and broke on King Ranch and is a foundation of King Ranch’s breeding. Sire of MOONS DOC DYNAMITE (AQHA point-earner: 4th AQHA High Point Senior Colas Open), WHISKY MOON (RHAA money-earner). KINEÑOS MOON is a son of former King Ranch stallion, A son of RITAS SWEET BADGER who was known for siring a calm, polite horse with unparalleled ability including COKES DRY (AQHA point-earner), LUNA BADGER (finalist RHAA Top finalist). Son of FANNIN SUGAR, $109,489: NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Champion; split 6th Tropicana Cutting 4-Year-Old Open Futurity; split 6th NCHA Breeders Cutting Open; semifinalist in the NCHA Open Futurity; 5th Sunbelt Open Cutting Futurity. Sire of 14 AQHA point-earners, including MS MARYS MERCEDES ($9,553: Abilene Western Non-Pro Cutting Futurity Reserve Champion). (Five Panel N/N, Herda N/N).

For more information, or to breed to KINEÑOS MOON, please visit his page at 6666s Ranch.




MARSALA RED is a ninth-generation descendant of OLD SORREL. MARSALA RED was born, bred, and broke on King Ranch. Rolando Silguero, who used to serve as King Ranch’s Remudero (wrangler) for the horse operation, would demonstrate MARSALA RED’s polite demeanor by saddling MARSALA gathering the stallion’s own mare band. MARSALA is almost a mirror image of HIRED HAND, a top son of OLD SORREL. MARSALA is stout, big boned, and was easy to train. He passed on all of these qualities to his foals. MARSALA is utilized to put more size and substance on thin boned, fashionable bloodlines of today. MARSALA RED is the sire of PLAYADA MARSALA (AQHA point-earner: 9th Congress Pole Bending Junior Youth), A LIL BIT O FLASH (6th AQHA Cowtown Showdown Ranch Horse Open). MARSALA RED is a son of PLAY RED, $136,088: split 4th NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic; 5th Polo Ranch Cutting 4-Year-Old Open Derby; Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Classic Co-Reserve Champion; finalist in the NCHA Non-Pro Derby; El Cid Cutting 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Co-Reserve Champion. Sire of 45 RGP money-earners, 14 AQHA point-earners, including PLAY RED SALLY ($5,184 and 16 AQHA points: and 14 novice points: AQHA World Level 2 Amateur Barrel Racing Reserve Champion), ROYAL RED PLAY ($90,820: NCHA Western Nationals Non-Pro Champion). (Five Panel N/N, Herda, N/N).

For more information, or to breed to MARSALA RED, please visit his page at 6666s Ranch.




King Ranch would like to introduce our youngest breeding stallion, EL REY HIDAS (TAQUITO SUGAR x HIDAS PEP, HAIDAS LITTLE PEP). EL REY HIDAS is an eighth-generation descendant of our foundation sire, OLD SORREL. This horse is the last son of proven King Ranch sire TAQUITO SUGAR (CJ SUGAR x PEPPYS TAQUITO, PEPPY SAN BADGER). “El Rey” is a great cross of a daughter of a top son of Little Peppy (HAIDAS LITTLE PEP), a top son of CJ SUGAR (TAQUITO) and foundation King Ranch blood. El Rey is descent of the King Ranch running horses DEPTH CHARGE and BOLD VENTURE (Kentucky Derby Winner and producer of ASSAULT, 1946 Triple Crown winner). This blood provides El Rey with explosive speed. This horse was started on King Ranch by Horse Division Manager James Clement, trained by Ben Baldus, and now is back on the ranch as a using horse trying to prove himself as a King Ranch sire. We bred our first two mares to him this year and we collected him at 6666s. He has great motility and we froze a limited number before he could come back to work at King Ranch. (4 Panel N/N, Herda N/N, N/PSSM1).

For more information, or to breed to EL REY HIDAS, please contact

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King Ranch’s consignments are lots 1-14!

Lot 1 – Reys Playboy Pep, yearling colt by EL REY HIDAS – View Pedigree
Lot 2 – Solitas Black Pearl, yearling filly by EL REY HIDAS – View Pedigree
Lot 3 – Marsalas Hida Jet, weanling filly by MARSALA RED – View Pedigree
Lot 4 – Boons Hickory Badger, yearling colt by THE BOON – View Pedigree
Lot 5 – Pluma Roja Movida, broodmare – View Pedigree
Lot 6 – Marsalas Cardinal, yearling colt by MARSALA RED – View Pedigree
Lot 7 – Seca Badger, broodmare by RITAS SWEET BADGER – View Pedigree
Lot 8 – Brown The Badger, aged gelding – View Pedigree
Lot 9 – El Rey Hidas, stud – View Pedigree
Lot 10 – Moons Azucar Besos, yearling filly by KINENOS MOON – View Pedigree
Lot 11 – San Boons Mink, weanling colt by BOONS CD MINK (THE BOON son) x SAN GRIS GIRL – View Pedigree
Lot 12 – Reds Hickory Badge, broodmare – View Pedigree
Lot 13 – Caperals Movida, yearling filly by BOONS CAPERAL (THE BOON son) x CATS RED FEATHER mare – View Pedigree
Lot 14 – Moons Poquito Taqo, yearling filly by EL REY HIDAS – View Pedigree