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King Ranch Turfgrass provides the highest-quality turfgrass and an experienced team to help you with your next residential or commercial turfgrass project.



In 2007, King Ranch Turfgrass purchased the Texas assets of Turfgrass America, which, combined with the company’s existing farms, established King Ranch Turfgrass as the largest turfgrass producer in Texas.  With fourteen turfgrass farms and six retail distribution centers throughout the state, King Ranch Turfgrass is the logistical provider of choice for all your turfgrass needs – wherever you or your clients are in Texas.  Each of our farms produces multiple varieties of turfgrasses that are ideally suited to specific Texas growing environments. Customers can consult with the specialists at King Ranch Turfgrass on selecting the best grass suited for their area as well as delivery and installation options.

With several varieties of St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalo, Bentgrass and Paspalum grasses growing on our farms and available through our distribution centers, King Ranch Turfgrass can respond to your needs with a quality product that is within easy reach of all major Texas markets.  Additionally, you can be assured that the quality and attention to detail that have characterized all of King Ranch’s diverse business pursuits through the years manifest themselves clearly in all of our Texas grasses.

Additionally, Mini Verde, a division of King Ranch Turfgrass focuses on selling greens grasses to golf courses nationwide. Known as the premier golf course grass, Mini Verde has worked with top-tier golf courses to create the strongest and smoothest putting surfaces.


King Ranch’s Florida sod farms sell between 250,000 and 700,000 square feet of sod daily. This sod is shipped all over Florida, where most of it is planted in home lawns. Ask our professionals about our sod types and delivery and installation options.

In its sod operations, as well as in all other agricultural pursuits, King Ranch applies state-of-the-art, environmentally sensitive farming techniques.

Belle Glade Sod Farm
(Six miles south of South Bay on Highway 27)

P.O. Box 1210
Belle Glade, Florida 33430
Office: (561)996-7257